Guide Profiles: Colorado

I read this blog post this morning and got a good laugh out of it. If you are a fly fishing guide or have guided in the past you can certainly relate to the article “Is your guide a stud or Dud.” The opening paragraph starts with the windshield of your guide rig, which I thought was perfect. Having had a cracked windshield year after year I smirked as I continued to read the article. Of course there are “stud” guides out there that run a tight program that may fit all the criteria in this blog post but I have yet to see one. Although this article pokes fun at some of the newer guides on the water or some that are “fulfilling a bucket list dream of being a fishing guide before getting a real job” it might make you think about who you are fishing with on your next guided fly fishing trip. Enjoy the read on the Epic Fly Fishing Blog.

cracked windshield

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