Fall Nymphing: Fly Selection

As badly as I want summer to stick around the leaves are starting to fall and I know the white stuff will soon cover our state. The Brown Trout are starting to move into spawning lies and the blue wings are dominating the hatch scene on many of our drainages. For me this means tightening up on my nymphing skills and working on my hooksets with smaller sub surface nymph patterns. I have noticed on my last couple outings that my nymphing game has gotten a little sloppy and my hook to land ratio is not what it once was. That will improve as nymphing becomes the most productive way to get the net wet over the next few weeks, but right I am rusty.


Now is the time to start finding autumn fly patterns that you have confidence in and putting them in the box. I know streamers are a great way to find big aggressive fish but it is not always the most effective technique. In fact streamer fishing can sometimes be downright brutal. Lately the bobber has been putting more fish in the net than my beloved technique of stripping chicken feathers. So I am asking for your top three go to nymph patterns for the fall. Lately all I have needed is a JuJu Baetis but I know that will soon be off the menu. So for now here are my top three fall nymph patterns.


1- Olive Micro May – This is a great all around fly for both spring and fall. The bead head is perfect as a lead fly in a two or three fly set up. It is also great for a dropper when fish are feeding just under the surface.


2- Gray Flashback RS2 – i like to call it the Rizzdee because RS2 is too difficult for me to say. This is a great pattern for fish that are keyed in on smaller emerging BWO’s. I like to fish it light and on swing. Try to carry them both with and without a glass bead head.


3 РJuJu Baetis РThis is another nymph pattern that will carry you through most of the year. Simple tie that just looks buggy and hooks a ton of fish. I like to use this as the trailing fly in my nymph set up.



Ok I know that these are not super secret patterns and i am sure that you have a bunch in your box. What is working for you?

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