Colorado Fly Fishing Report: September

Get out there and enjoy the fall weather. I you live in Colorado you know that this is one of the best times of year to be on the water. The Aspens are starting to turn and the tempature is absolutely perfect. The streamer bite has picked up and the Brown Trout are aggressively chasing downShoot_Blue chicken feathers stripped off the bank. Find a buddy with a boat and Float from Pump House down on the Upper Colorado River. Throw your streamers towards the bank and other river structures and move your bugs down stream. The water clarity is good so you will be able to watch big butterballs chase your fly patterns. To me this is very exciting and can lead to a lot of shouting, “eat it, eat it, eat it.” If the wearer turns overcast be sure to have a dry fly rod rigged up with a Blue Winged Olive Pattern. The BWO’s have been a main staple in the trouts diet lately so be sure to bring plenty of emerging, nymph and dry patterns. For those who what to stick around the front range the same as above applies. Of course jumping in a boat is not really an option but fishing pocket water with streamers is a good way to pull out some fish in water that is difficult to get a presentation in. Word on the street is that they are doing some work near the Dream Stream and it is turning the water off color. Construction apparently wraps up around 2 and it is taking the water about an hour to clear up. Shorten the leader and start moving big bugs.


5 thoughts on “Colorado Fly Fishing Report: September”

  1. Msg to Joey Macomber. Hi there. I think I recognize your name; not sure. Are you from Maine? Was doing some research and came across this page. I am going to be in CO fishing end of the month / 1st week Oct. Either way, great resource here; thanks for your reports. Mike

    1. Hey Mike, I used to live in Maine but have been out here full time for the last 8 years. Thanks for reaching out. Fishing has been great and you are coming out during a great time of year. Where are you fishing? If you need any updates feel free to shout out. Enjoy your trip.

      1. Yeah, it would have been at least that long ago, probably. Not sure of the connection, but it rang a bell, maybe from local forums in ME? Under the contact tab up top, is that your shop I could call or stop in at?

        1. Mike, the shop is on some private water that is managed by the Flyfisher Group, which is about 45 minutes from Denver. Feel Free to call the contact number and ask for Brynne. She will be glad to assist you with anything you need. Also feel free to reach out to me. I can contact you via email with more specifics. Cheers.

          1. Joey – I sent a message with my email using the contact form. 1st time fishing CO – I’ll be fishing sun-fri next week. Got a general plan in mind, but would welcome any advice. Much thanks! Mike

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