Streamer Fly Fishing Techniques

My buddy Big Joe Willaure is a guide in Montana and has recently posted some tips about fly fishing with streamers. Since this is a time of year when anglers start moving big bugs across the river looking for that 2 foot Brown Trout, I thought I would share a link to his post about streamer fly fishing. Here is one of the tips that Joe posted on his fly fishing blog  Evolution Anglers.

Screen shot 2014-09-12 at 9.38.04 AM

Fish Smaller Flies:  Sure, it’s fun tying and fishing gigantic streamers that take a 9wt to throw, but when you’re stripping that dead chicken you are weeding out all of the normal sized fish, and limiting yourself to the huge one that is so rare.  “That’s the point” you say, and I get that, but there is a streamer size pendulum, and I believe that you can fish a streamer that is small enough that you’ll catch a lot of fish in the “nice” range (12″-18″) as well as pull the two-footer out of his lumber abode.  To me 3″-5″is the range where you can cover all fish and still show enough profile to get RHB.”

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