Sitka Hunting Gear: Colorado Elk

Since it is the opening weekend of Archery Season in Colorado I thought I would take the opportunity to briefly discuss Sitka Hunting Gear. This gear is relatively new to the hunting scene and is certainly much different then your grand dads cramo. I sat through a rep meeting about Sitka a couple weeks ago and the products they are designing and coming out with are tough to beat. They have come up with different hunting systems for different types of hunts, which allows you to choose the right gear for the type of climate you will be hunting in. Last year I bought a couple Sitka items (Mountain Pant & Kelvin Vest) and have enjoyed hunting in them. The only complaint that I have regarding the Mountain Pant is that the Belt is built into the pant. I would prefer a thicker belt and/or have the option to remove the supplied belt and replace with one of my choice. Not really a big deal but it was something that stuck out especially when I have my side arm attached. This year the next to skin products caught my eye and although your skiing base layer will work fine it is nice to have matching garments so you can look ultra cool in the woods. The wicking fabric allows you to stay dry when making a hike and still keeps you warm once you reach your destination. I find that this is key especially during archery season when hiking plays a huge role during the hunt. Be sure to give Sitka a look next time you are in the market for new light weight hunting gear. Also I think that Sitka has done an excellent job marketing their product and building brand awareness in the short time they have been in business. Here is a glimpse at one of there many incredible hunting videos.

Connected Teaser from Sitka Films on Vimeo.

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