Fly Fishing Labor Day Weekend: Colorado

First off I want to apologize to those of you who may have made the drive to the Frying Pan last weekend in search of the Green Drakes. I made the journey as well and the Drakes were there but so was every fly fishermen in the Roaring Fork Valley. This was truly frustrating for us as we drove along the Frying Pan Road and looked for some water to fish. We found some fish below the parking lot bridge near the dam, but every where else was a zoo.

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So as far as this weekend is concerned, find some water close to home and hit it. Recent rains are keeping the watersheds cool and fish are happy. Fish on the Upper Colorado are still eating the dry fly as well the dropper below it. The weather is supposed to clear up, a labor day float might be a good call. Get out there early though, the river will be busy over the long weekend. Recent reports of fish smashing Hoppers in Hartsel just came out so if you would like to drive or are in the area check out the South Platte in Park County. With the opening of Archery Season staring, the rivers might be a little more quiet this weekend. Get out an enjoy it, fall will be hear before we know it.

This is where I will be
This is where I will be

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