Streamer Color Matters


This is a topic that tends to leave me banging my head off the front seat of the drift boat. What color do they want? I tend to think or try to make myself believe that if a fish wants to eat, it is going to eat. It doesn’t matter if the streamer is black, yellow, purple or blue…. Or does it? The answer to that question is yes, it does matter. even though I hate to say it. Last week I was able to explore some water in Northern Colorado and as my luck would have it the monsoon rains poured before I got there. I really didn’t mind since I knew that probing under cut banks with sculpin and leech imitations was going to be our best prospecting technique. This was a great exercise in determining what color streamer these fish preferred. It amazed me how a slight color change made all the difference in the world. Changing from yellow to white made a huge difference. From Black to Olive and so on. It was like a light switch went off. All of a sudden they started eating it. This made me realize that I have been lazy in my streamer techniques. I always felt that if I hit the spots an aggressive fish would take my offering no matter the color. Well, I believe that is no the case. Time to spruce up the streamer game because the season is upon us. If you are striking out with one color don’t be afraid to take the time to make a color change. It could make all the difference.


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