Colorado Fly Fishing: End Of August


It sure feels like fall is in the air. The weather in the mountains has been chilly and with the passing showers temps have been struggling to get out of the 60’s. This weather pattern is forecasted to continue through Saturday and warm back up on Sunday. These cooler temps may kick the Brown Trout into feeding mode as they prepare for their spawn this fall.  We spent the last couple days throwing black, yellow and white streamers with great results and when the wind died down fish were taking small BWO imitations off the surface. As far as picking a spot to fish it is tough to pin point one. Word on the river is that the Green Drakes are hatching mid-day on the Upper Frying Pan in good numbers. Overcast and rainy days are producing good numbers of bugs and fish can be picky. Although there may be a large number of anglers chasing this hatch if you are willing to move you should be able to find open water. Be sure to bring the streamer box wherever you choose to go, banging undercut banks and rock gardens with streamers is a great way to prospect for larger fish.

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