Trico Hatch: The Black Death

Trico Hatch

It is that time of year when the Tricos are making there way into the fly fishing scene here in Colorado. This can be a very frustrating hatch to figure out and can often times have anglers pulling there hair out trying to find the right bug. The life cycle of the Trico differs amongst male and females. The Males hatch during the evening then hang out on the rivers edge waiting for the female to hatch the following morning. The males have a black body and the females tend to be more grayish in color. This is important to remember as it can play a key role in catching fish or striking out. Once the females hatch in the morning you will see swarms of Tricos dancing in the Black RS2air. After mating the males die immediately and fall into the water then the females die shortly after. A good way to fish these hatches is to pay attention to the life cycle and timing of these events. Fish can key in on the bigger males then switch to females without any notice, this is what will drive you crazy during these hatches. I have found that fish will really chow spent tricos just below the surface so fishing a Black or Gray RS2 beneath a larger dry can do some damage. If you have a slow pool where fish are rising consistently a parachute adams can do the trick but don’t get frustrated trout can get real picky during this hatch. This is a good hatch to try and figure out. Paying attention to the life cycle will increase your success during the Black Death.

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