Colorado Fly Fishing: Weekend Outlook

Rainbow Trout_eyeball

Things are warming up out there so try to be on the water early in the morning. If you can avoid fishing during the hotter part of the day, do so. Fishing tends to slow down during the heat of the day and can lead to fish exhaustion if not careful and prudent when handling fish. Now that my preaching is done, flows are looking good around the state. Keep an eye on the weather as we are forecasted for some heavy rains moving in. As of late, I have been fishing on the Eagle and Colorado River. The streamer bite on the upper C is still great and fish are chasing olive, black and tan streamer patterns. The hoppers are out in good numbers and fish are looking up tight to the Chubbybank. If you can find some riffles tight to the shore line park your hopper patterns there and be ready. The slower moving water has not been as productive as the faster shallow riffles. Black Crickets, chubby and stimis have been working up top. It is back to small baetis and midge patterns on the Eagle. Water temps have shot up so focus on oxygenated water for best results. Fish will still take a caddis on the surface but the bigger trout seem to be targeting midge and baetis. School has started around the state so the summer crowds have dwindled, get out before the fall blows in.

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