Sex Dungeon Streamer Fly

This year I have been talking a lot about fly fishing with streamers and the fly that has been coming up a lot is the Sex Dungeon.  I am typically a tandem streamer fishermen and my general set-up usually involves a slump buster and a sculpzilla somewhere in the mix. This set up has proven itself time and again so I am not trying to down play it at all. But, the Sex Dungeon has certainly changed my streamer fishing tactics. We have had some comments regarding this streamer pattern so I thought it would be good to give you all a little information on this specific pattern.


The Sex Dungeon was developed by Kelly Galloup on the Madison River in Montana. According to Mr. Galloup in an interview he did with midcurrent, he “ties his streamer flies to swim a specific style… To move like something natural and living in the water.” If you have fished the Sex Dungeon pattern you understand it does just that. Developed with a deer hair head and sparse tail, the Sex Dungeon moves like a live bait fish in the upper water column and entices strikes from aggressive trout. Personally, I have found that Black has been my most productive color, but other colors like white and yellow are also solid producers. My preferred technique with this fly, and most other streamers, is to make them move downstream and just off the bank. Find structure and move the fly away from it. I also like to be aggressive when moving my streamers through the water. A good quote to fish by is “feed the fish.” If you are noticing a lot of chasers but no commitments try switching your presentation a bit until you figure it out. Often times it is just the fish not you. If they want it badly enough they’ll enhale it.

It is getting to be streamer season again and if it is time to reload your box be sure to buy a few sex dungeons for this fall. Sure they are a little pricey but when you see how effective they can be, you forget about the cost.

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