Weekend Forecast: Colorado Fly Fishing

Colorado Brown Trout

Water levels on the Upper Colorado River have dropped to 1200 CFS and the fishing from Pump House down to Catamount has been great. I was able to float State Bridge to Two Bridges at the beginning of the week and the streamer bite was fantastic. We moved a lot of big Brown Trout Blaxk Streamer Flysitting on the deep cut banks. Black streamers were by far the best color and fish were eating them as soon as they hit the water. Although these sections are best fished out of a boat/raft there is some wadable water near Pump House, Radium and State Bridge. If a float is too time consuming and you need to sneak out for a couple hours the water levels on the Blue River have drop back into normal flows making it a little more manageable. Fish are holding in traditional lies and if you can see the fish you should be able to catch it. Bring your midges, BWO’s and Mysis Shrimp. Look for the hopper fishing to pick up as farmers start to chop hay. There are a ton of grasshoppers around so if you are hearing the cracking noise of flying hoppers it might be a good time to tie on the trusty old hopper dropper.

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    1. Chad, that is the sex dungeon. I have been fishing this fly a lot this summer and have had great results. The articulated body has great movement through the water and the lead eyes sink it rapidly. I am generally fish tandem streamers but these bigger bugs have been just as effective. We fished a white sex dungeon last week on the Blue and had fish crushing it in the faster riffles.

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