Colorado Snakes: Identify The Beast

Personally, snakes freak me out and startle the hell out of me when I run across one. Today I was walking down to the river when I spotted one and it started to sliver its scaly skin towards me. It was about 12 inches long but something about that moving creature startled me and I couldn’t fish knowing it was lurking behind me in the bushes. Probably growing an inch a minute and waiting for my departure so it could strike and drag me back to its den. Since we share our rivers with snaky creatures I thought it would be nice to identify some of the serpents we occasionally run into on the river.

Although there are many snakes found in the state of Colorado many of them prefer the grassy lands of South Eastern Colorado.This is a great site for more information on what types of snakes you may run into out there.

The more common snakes you might find along our rivers are listed below-

Bull Snake – If I see one of these I can assure you that I will be running and screaming like a 14 year old girl at at Justin Beiber concert. They look like a rattle snake and from what I have heard they are aggressive suckers. Although the site listed above claims they are tame I don’t believe it for a second.


Common Garter Snake – This was the one that tried to bite my foot off this afternoon. these guys are all over the Colorado River and can give you a good startle if you don’t see them first. Harmless really but I wouldn’t dangle on from my neck.


Great Basin Gopher Snake- Again if you see this coiled up creature from hell run for the hills. Personally I have never seen one of these but have seen pictures with guides who have. Truly a cool looking reptile but only in pictures. This snake will make hissing sounds if it feels threatened. So If you hear a hiss in the bushes that is not your sharkskin fly line.

great basin gopher

If you have some snake stories please share them with us.

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