Shallow South In Colorado

I made a buzzer sound when Miles missed his first fish just off the boat launch. Then again as we headed under the bridge, we were all laughing and the banter continued as we floated the rest of the morning searching for risers along the banks of the Eagle River.


Last week Cody DeGuelle, Miles LaRose and I were able to fit a quick float in during MIles’ short visit to Colorado. Miles is a redfish guide in New Orleans and took us out last January in the middle of the Polar Vortex. It was fun to have a salt water angler on the boat and teach him a little bit about trout fishing on our western rivers. Casting wasn’t a problem for Miles, he would park that tiny caddis imitation 70 feet out under the over hanging bushes with ease but when we asked him to mend he looked at us like we were crazy. The dry fly fishing slowed down so we switched to streamers and had enough chasers to keep us interested. After a brief stop we had to teach miles the dirty way of the bobber. We caught a few trout under the indicator then finished the day throwing dries. On their way back to the front range Cody and Miles stopped on the Blue River and Stuck this pig below. Congrats Miles on taming that Blue river beast. We are looking forward to fishing with you again on the NOLA Marsh.


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