Colorado Weekend Fly Fishing Outlook : July 17th

Fat Caddis Eater From The Front Range
Fat Caddis Eater From The Front Range

At this point in the summer there are so many Colorado Rivers to choose from. Fly Fishing around the state is great right now and a lot of fish are eating bugs off the surface. Early morning and late afternoon have been the best times to throw dry flies and if you find yourself in a midday slump streamers and nymphs are both catching fish on rivers like the Eagle and Roaring Fork. Otherwise bring your Gink and dry shake because fish are eating on top. Good patterns have been pmx peacockPeacock PMX, Foam Body Yellow Sally, PMD’s, Amy’s Ant and the California Blonde. Tricos have been popping in heavy numbers on the South Platte and small Black RS2’s are taking fish just under the surface. The Trico hatch is a tough one to break, in fact it is often times referred to as the “Black Death,” so we have found that fishing a dry dropper set up with small black emergers is the best way to trick picky Trico eaters. Water levels on the upper Colorado are still moving swiftly so if you decide to float near Pump House or Radium use extreme caution. The water in the Canyon Section’s are very pushy. Keep your eye on the weather prior to heading to the river. Afternoon storms have been rolling in and bringing heavy rain and lightning. Lately they have been passing quickly but lightning is not something to mess around with. Have fun and expect Fly Fishing in Colorado to remain great for weeks to come.

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