Weekend Outlook: Almont

Rainbow Trout

Get out and try something different this weekend. Fishing is great all around the state and with the Fourth of July crowds slowly heading back from vacation the rivers should be a little less crowded. Personally I enjoy heading towards Gunnison this time of year. The weather can often times be a bit cooler and fishing is generally tough to beat. Almont is a great spot to post up for a couple days if you decide to make the drive. The lodging is reasonable and the chicken fried steak at the Almont Resort is tough to beat. The East River meets the Taylor River in Almont to form the Gunnison so your fishing opportunities are endless. If you have a boat, drag it over and try floating the upper section of the Gunnison. The streamer fishing can be bonkers and if the fish are looking up, throwing big stimulators is a blast. Almont is only 20 minutes from the “hog trough” on the underwater_Troutupper Taylor River. Obviously this is an area that you need to fish if you are in Almont. Bring your Mysis and Pheasant Tails and try for that trophy swimming under the bridge. Don’t get too caught up in the upper taylor though, there is some great fishing on the Lower Taylor with plenty of pocket water to pick apart. Be sure to fish the confluence of the Taylor and the East before you leave, there is a great run right outside the cabins. Summer is too short to fish the same water, get out and explore.

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