Colorado Fly Fishing Report: High Country

I hope you all enjoyed your long weekend of BBQ’s, Beer and Explosives. If you were on the water anywhere I hope that you found plenty of Pesky trouts to harass. Things up here in the Mountains have been great. There is still plenty of water in the Roaring Fork, Eagle and Colorado Rivers and fishing is great. I was able to spend a few days on the Eagle River and one up on the Upper Colorado before work came back into play.  This is what was happening as of yesterday. The Caddis Hatch on the Eagle River is starting to slow down but fish are still looking up. A #16 Trestle RapidPeacock PMX was working well from around 8:30 to 11:00am then they switched and started eating a #16 foam body golden stone. We had a bright sun so the takes were real subtle but fish are certainly in the upper water column.  Good reports have been coming from the Upper Colorado so I made the drive up to Pump house and was the first boat on the water. The levels are still about 1000-1500 CFS too big but the clarity is perfect. We threw dries for a couple hours to no avail then put on the dreaded bobber. The fish are holding just outside the soft seam in the heavier current and eating small black stones. The Canyon section is fast and furious so be prepared to pull hard on the oars as you come into eye of the needle. We threw streamers all through the canyon and had some ferocious takes so we finished the day moving big black streamers off the banks. This was by far the best technique. Get out there and fish it is all good.

Eagle River Brown Trout

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