Fly Fishing On The 4th: Happy Birthday America

cam_USAIt is going to be a hot one all around the state for the fourth so if you are fishing, focus on hitting the morning or evening action. Good reports are coming in from around the state so it is tough to pinpoint one area, which is a good problem for us anglers to have. However, word on the river is that the Green Drakes are starting to move up the Roaring Fork. This is perfect for those of you heading to Aspen for the holiday. Keep in mind this hatch is most prolific at night so it might interrupt your beer drinking & BBQ. However, if you have never fished the lightning round on the Fork, it is something that should be on your bucket list. I would stay away from the Upper Colorado as it will be a camping/beer fest from Pump House to State Bridge. If you find yourself up in the camping zones, be sure and get on the water early before the tubers plow through your favorite run. Bring Caddis dries and nymphs wherever you go. There are a bunch of those fluttering bugs out and about and keeping our fish happy. Be safe out there and enjoy the long weekend. Happy Birthday ‘Merica.


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