Outcast Stealth Pro Pontoon


Well if you have a belly boat this was a good run off season to use it. I have only used these vessels a few times in the past and I must admit they are pretty stealthy. We had a couple that we hiked into a brook trout pond in Western Maine. You could easily sneak within casting distance to a pod of risers and get stuff done. The new pontoon boat that caught my eye is the new Stealth Pro from Outcast. This simple design comes in at only 35 lbs and is constructed out of rugged urethane bladders. One of the nice features about this nine foot vessel is the ability to add on accessories. An angler can easily add and remove handy items like, rod holders, anchors and side bags for longer river/ lake trips. This would be the perfect craft to sneak down your favorite Freestone River once the flows are too low for the bigger rafts or drift boats. I also like the idea of being able to use flippers as a way to move and steer the craft. This way you can keep two hands free to cast and land fish. These are certainly something to look into if you are an angler that likes to do solo missions or spend time fishing lakes, ponds and reservoirs. If you have one please chime in and let us know how you like it.


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