Eagle River Fishing Report

Finally the Eagle has come down to a reasonable floating level and the fishing is picking up. We launched the blue bus around 4pm Sunday afternoon and instantly got into fish moving black streamers along the bank. We made the switch to dries about a 1/4 way down our 7 mile stretch and had fish crashing caddis imitations for the rest of the float. A #14 tan X- Caddis skated along the surface was turning a lot of fish tight to the bank. The water is still very pushy and slowing the brwontroutboat down is a chore but if you can hit the greasy slicks along the banks you have a high probability of getting a look. Our best fish was a stout 16-17 inch Brown Trout that smashed a skated dry near Eagle Springs Golf Course. Trestle Rapid in Wolcott was pretty manageable but you have to duck to get under the bridge at the head of the rapid. Another piece of water to note is Sheep Herders Rapid in Edwards. The first big wave is literally a wall of water across the entire river. I have never seen it this big before and it took us by surprise. You must push real hard to make it through this wave in one piece. Keep an eye on water temps and when they are close to 50 be ready for the giant Caddis Hatch the Eagle is known for.


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