Colorado Summer Fly Box: Must Have Fly Patterns

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I was organizing my boat bag last week and was trying to get all my flies together before summer gets to crazy. I was noticing I had a lot of the similar patterns and a variety of colors and sizes. My dries are mostly caddis, PMX, Adams, PMD’s and other randoms. My nymphs are mostly BWO, Midges, Caddis Emergers, Stoneflies and a small pile of wacky stuff that came out of a bargain bin. This made me realize that I fish the same flies repeatedly and although I have had success with my selection of flies, I am wondering what I am missing. TyingFliesreleaseOr am I? Please chime in and tell me what your go to flies are for fly fishing in Colorado. I am interested in hearing about what is working for other anglers around the state. I am confident that a lot of our fly boxes are very similar but if you have something that works for you let us know. Here are the rules: you can only choose 9 flies, 3 dries, 3 nymphs, 3 streamers. I understand that there are “secrets” among us fishermen so if you want to keep it close to your chest I understand. But, I however like to share the knowledge so I will start. If I had to have one box of flies to get me through a summer of Fly Fishing in Colorado, this is what would be in it.

Dries – Parachute Adams, Orange PMX, EC Caddis Olive

Nymphs – Pats Rubber Leg, Olive Micro May, Grey Flash Back RS2

Streamers – Natural Slump Buster, Black Sex Dungeon, Olive Sculpzilla

There is my go to fly box for the summer. Not very exciting but it has done ok for me thus far. I am a believer that confidence is king when fishing for anything and I am very confident when I have these bugs on the end of my string. What are your favorites?

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