Colorado Fly Fishing Forecast: Early June

salmon fly_CO

Water flows are finally starting to level out in the high country and rivers are beginning to clear. Although most of them are still very high I would anticipate them being rock solid by next week. Good reports are coming from the South Platte drainage with water levels coming back down around 500 CFS. Caddis have become active as well as PMD’s and Kraneflies. As these flows continue to hover around 500 the fishing should get great and fish will start eating on the surface more consistently. If you choose to head to the South Platte over the weekend be sure to have plenty of caddis nymphs and emergers. The hot color has been green and chartreuse. If you find yourself in a hatch but cannot find many risers lighten up your nymph rig and try fishing emergers in shallow riffles and tail outs. The graphic caddis is a great pattern for hooking fish just below the graphic caddissurface. The Upper Colorado is still seeing good numbers of Salmon Flies around Pumphouse but the water levels continue to remain high. Fish are looking up along the banks but the heavier current is making fish difficult to land. If you haven’t witnessed a Salmon Fly hatch it is truly a marvel to see and worth the drive if you are up for it. Often times you will not see a lot of rising fish during this hatch so nymphing with a light rig along the banks will be a better producer. Summer is finally here and fishing will only continue to get better.

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