Colorado Run Off: Fly Fishing Outlook

If you are considering making a trip to the high country this weekend in hopes of finding trout your chances are pretty slim. Water levels are very very high and water clarity is poor. Reports on the Upper Colorado near pump house have been ok, but with the water levels over 6,000 CFS I am skeptical. Your best bet is to stick to the south platte drainage and focus on soft seams and pocket water. A gentlemen was kind enough to e-mail us a good report from 11 Mile Canyon. Rainbow_Trout_COAs always this is a great time to experiment with bigger lead flies while nymphing and don’t be afraid to shorten the leader and move those streamers along the banks. Despite the water being off color and high, fish still have to eat and are opportunistic feeders. If you are stripping streamers always keep moving and hit as much water as you can. If a fish does not take your presentation on the first attempt find another zone. Sooner or later you will find an aggressive fish who is willing to commit. Black Streamers stand out very well against the off color water as well as purple and yellow. Be safe out there the water is swift.


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