Patagonia Stormfront Bag Review

I had the opportunity to use the Patagonia Stormfront Roll Top Bag on a recent video shoot on a remote location south of the boarder. I put all my clothing and some electronic gear in this bag figuring it would remain safe/dry as we crossed open water.

Deep Water Crossing In Open Panga
Deep Water Crossing In Open Panga

It would have been disastrous had I not double checked the roll top numerous times prior to departure. The bag is a rugged design with waterproof welded construction but the roll top does not stay secure like a normal dry sack. I found that if you did not twist, twist and twist some more patagonia stormfront roll top bagbefore latching, the top of the bag it would open. 2 or 3 twists will not secure the main compartment on this bag. The wraps will unravel easily and the top opens up exposing your cargo to the elements. Being a Patagonia fan, I found this to be extremely discouraging about this 47L dry bag. Other than the top being a chore to close the bag is well constructed, but for the price there are better products on the market that truly work better as a dry bag. The Simms Dry Creek Pack is still my go to for keeping anything dry. I put it to the test (again) 2 weeks ago in a humid, wet salty climate and it still was able to keep its contents dry. If you have your eyes on the Stormfront Bag keep looking I wasn’t impressed.

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