Colorado Fly Fishing : Weekend Outlook

Today’s cold front is going to have a lot of our freestone rivers fluctuating drastically in flows. When flows suddenly have a significant decrease or increase in water volume the fishing tends to shut off. I witnessed this first hand yesterday on the Eagle River.

eagle run off

Most of our freestones are in run off mode with little or no visibility, this is a great time to strip streamers from the bank or from a boat. But with higher flows and fluctuating levels, fish can get lock jaw and hide out until water levels become more consistent which can make catching fish a bit more frustrating and difficult. This is a good time of year to focus on a tailwater like the Frying pan, South Platte or Taylor River. These rivers currently have better clarity and more consistent flows than the freestone rivers surrounding them. Focus on the softer pockets and try bigger flies that will grab a fish’s attention. Don’t be afraid to throw streamers either, streamers can work great on tailwaters. Don’t forget Sunday is Mothers Day.

Mothers Day Caddis Hatch On The Eagle River

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