San Juan Worm: Don’t Hate Participate

If someone says to you ” dude you are fishing a worm?” your answer should be “you’re damn right I am, and I am crushing fish on it.” Some anglers frown on the use of worms when trout fishing. Fact is that these tasty critters are a big part of a trout’s diet. Especially this time of year when heavier water flows push aquatic worms down the river. If the water is high and off color, increase your chances and tie on a bright colored worm. This is how we grew up fishing, well I did any way. Throw out a bobber off the dock with a chunk of worm and game on. Those sun fish, perch and bass couldn’t resist that slimy creature dangling beneath the surface.

Trout are the same way. Worms are also really easy to tie so don’t spend a dime on the one’s in the fly bin. Grab some chenille and start wrapping. A tip that I got from a fellow angler a few years ago was to rig a piece of chenille above a hook with a clove hitch. Much like pegging an egg. This lets those gorgeous red strings wiggle in the water nicely.

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