Weekend Outlook: Pre Run-Off Colorado


Spring has brought some warmer temps into the state giving us run-off conditions on many freestone rivers. This is not to say that they are un-fishable, they are just not fishing all that well. This weekend I would focus on your closest tailwater river and bring some heavier tippet.Eagle_River Although Tailwaters are dam controlled this doesn’t mean that run-off doesn’t stain the water. Low level snow melts quickly and can reduce visibility to 3-4 feet. This is a great time to switch out the 6-7x tippet for 4x and bigger flies. Heavier flows push aquatic worms and caddis larvae down stream allowing picky trout to feed heavily on bigger flies. Good reports of BWO hatches and solid fishing have come from The Arkansas Below Pueblo Res. A lot of fish have been keyed in on San Juan worms, Eggs, BWO’s and Caddis larvae. This would be a good spot to check out if you are hitting the river this weekend. Keep in mind Tailwater pressure picks up as run-off hits so be prepared to see some anglers.


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