Cameras: Take The Darn Picture

I often get asked what is a good camera to take pictures with? My answer is all of them. If you are a looking for a basic Point and Shoot Camera go to Best Buy and pick one that you like. If you are willing to spend a couple hundred bucks choosing the camera should be easy. If not, then just use your phone. Cell phones on the market today can really snap some quality shots. Just be careful not to drop it the water. Taking pictures of fish or anything for that matter comes down to taking the time to do it correctly. So if you are not willing to take the time to snap a quality photo then it really doesn’t matter how fancy the camera is or isn’t.  If you see an object or landscape that you think would make a good picture stop what you are doing and take the damn picture. Don’t try to keep driving, dig out your phone and snap a blurry shot throughout the dirty car windshield. Take your time and get the shot you are picturing in your mind.

hoh spey castreleaseThere is a time of the day called the golden hour which is generally early in the morning as the sun is rising and late in the afternoon when the sun is going down. sunrise_polereleaseThis is a good time to have the camera out and ready. The light during these times can be a little low for your camera when in automatic mode. This will cause your flash to go off when the picture is snapped. Guess what, that beautiful sunset with the deep reds, brilliant oranges and light pinks just got ruined by the camera flash. I try to take most of my pictures in Manual mode to avoid the “flash look.” It is not always an option but if you can use a manual mode on your camera be sure to try it from time to time. It is a bit more work but you can achieve quality shots by adjusting the shutter speed, ISO and aperture.

Get creative with your images as well. This comes easier to those who are a little more free spirited and willing to do a headstand to get the shot, but basic things like getting low on the ground or high up can drastically change how an image comes out. Don’t be afraid to snap a bunch of shots either. With the ability to erase pictures instantly the cost of film doesn’t come into play anymore. Snap 100 and if only10 come out who cares, erase the remaining 90 and move on.

bluebowreleaseAbove all have fun with your camera and get to know how it works. A lot of people buy a new camera, charge it, put it on automatic and start snapping away. All those other settings on that dial are there for a reason. Learn what they do and start taking better shots when you are in the field.

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