Colorado Fishing Forecast

The weather in the high country turned back to winter this week dropping snow and lowering temperatures. Seems like our little taste of spring got brought to an end with the latest weather system. The cooler temps haven’t turned the fishing completely off but fish are certainly keyed in on smaller insects with the colder weather.


This would be a good weekend to hit some rivers on the front range. The South Platte is open and fishing well in areas like Deckers, Dream Stream and Cheesman Canyon. I have also heard solid reports on the Arkansas below Pueblo Reservoir. Off course the crowds will be something to contend with but there is always water to fish if you are willing to hike around. Last weekend some guides form The Flyfisher fished Cheesman Canyon for the day and did well nymphing with egg patterns and midges. A fun way to fish this time of year is to Nymph your way up stream until your heart is content then throw streamers as you work your way back to the truck. This technique will allow you to cover an entire section of water completely. You also might find that aggressive old Brown Trout hiding in pocket water.


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