Weekend Outlook: Fly Fishing Forecast


All you anglers on the front range willing to drive I would find a river on the Western Slope and go to it. Fishing has been really good up here in the Mountains and it just might be worth the drive. Crowds have been a bit thicker due to good to great fishing conditions. brown_TThere are a lot of guide trips out there so if you see a guide give him some room. Big midges and small stones are catching a lot of fish under the surface and we are seeing fish rise in slower pools around 1pm. Black streamers have been working well in the pocket water on the Eagle River as well as on the Upper Colorado.  Streamer fishing is a great way to explore new water and find aggressive trout. If you are into a float, Pump House to Two Bridges is open with light crowds and plenty of water. The Lower Colorado might be off color so check the reports if you plan on going that far west. I saw that the weather in the city is supposed to reach 70 on Saturday so if you cannot make it up the hill try looking for Carp on the South Platte. Spring is on its way take advantage of it.

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