Patagonia Waders: Rio Gallegos

Well I bit the bullet and and got a new pair of waders. Screen shot 2014-02-28 at 9.29.29 AMI was up in the air on what brand I was going to try and ended up with the new Patagonia Rio Gallegos. Truthfully I was leaning towards another pair of Simms but a friend of mine gave me a great deal on the Patagonia’s. They were fresh out of the plastic when I packed them for out Steelhead Trip to Washington. The long days and constant weather change of Steelhead fishing is the perfect time to test a new product and see how it holds up. I am impressed with the New Rio Gallegos so far and believe they will get more comfortable as I continue to break them in. There are a few things I noticed that differ from the Simms waders and take some getting use to.

The adjustable straps are great for sliding the upper part of the waders down to your waist. This is great for riding in the truck or cooling off when the temps rise. The straps do not unbuckle so getting in and out of the waders takes a bit to get used to. I found that the straps have to be lowered to get in and out of the wader easily.

82225_984_FOOTThe merino wool lined booties are nice but did not keep my feet any warmer than regular neoprene, They also run a bit big in the foot making it difficult to get into wading boots quickly. Once your wading boots are on you have to adjust your foot multiple times to get comfortable. That was one strike against the waders. The booties are bulky.

The built in gravel guards are shorter than other waders I am used to. The lace grab only comes half way down your boot and tends to ride up as through out the day. Not a big deal but definitely noticeable.

The built in inner pocket is great for your cell phone. Screen shot 2014-02-28 at 9.26.25 AMIt is built with water proof membrane and allows you to operate your touch screen phone through the pocket. So you can check your emails and texts without removing your device from the pocket.

Overall I found that these waders are relatively comfortable and have been durable thus far. I am interested to see how they hold up over the next year.

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