Colorado Weekend Fishing Forecast

The fishing reports around Colorado are all positive. The state wide snowpack is above average and with the recent warm weather fishing has been decent all around. The weekend weather is coming into play once again as a system brings snow and rain across the state Thursday thru Saturday. If you can handle a little weather I would pick a river and go. A lot of Tailwater Rivers are flowing above average and are a safe play for consistent fishing. If you are willing to roll the dice, try a freestone like the Eagle or Roaring Fork and pick apart the slower water. This is a good time of year to start using bigger nymph patterns as your lead fly. An egg is also and effective attractor pattern but I sometimes feel like that is cheating. Try using a prince or a 20 incher as your lead fly and see how it fishes. If you are getting blanked you can always go back to the trusty glo bug.



The Rainbow Trout are in pre spawn mode and should be chowing aggressively. If you see fish paired up in shallow water give them their space and stay away from their Redds.

Thats A Spawner. Don't Be That Guy.
Thats A Spawner. Don’t Be That Guy.
"They Don't Spawn After 12"
“They Don’t Spawn After 12”

We saw a fella fishing to spawning fish one day on the Eagle River. We politely mentioned that the fish were spawning in that particular area and continued to float by. The dude looked up with crazy lethal weapon eyes, glanced at his watch and said ” They don’t spawn after 12.” We were speechless.┬áIt is getting to be that time of year when the rivers really start to come to life. If you are sick of staring at the bobber, try some dries or shorten that leader and throw a streamer. Have fun out there.

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