Weekend Warm Up: Front Range Angling

There is certainly a lot of water opening up with the warmer daytime temps. Pictures of the Lower Colorado and Roaring Fork keep popping up on my Facebook feed and it all looks good. The Eagle River continues to open up through Edwards and Avon with some decent midge hatches later in the afternoon. Although all these rivers are fishing and looking well I would stick to the front range this weekend. With temps forecasted to be in the 60’s around the city I would stay out of the mountains and soak up the sun.

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The warm temps will put some runoff into the rivers and make them a little off color and a bit higher. This is a good time to switch from tiny midges and throw some bigger flies like early stones or streamers. If you plan on getting out this weekend I would set and alarm and plan for heavier crowds. I am sure cabin fever has set in and anglers will be ready to take advantage of the weekend weather. Enjoy the sunshine and let us know how you do over the weekend.

Colorado Rainbow Trout
Colorado Rainbow Trout

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