Colorado Fly Fishing: Tailwater Weekend

Cold, Snow and Wind is what you will be facing this weekend on the water. winter evergreensAt least in the high country. Denver is looking a little less chilly but cold none the less. If you have to get out this weekend you should find solitude on many Colorado Rivers. It continues to Snow so the ski hills will be packed and the rivers quiet. With the colder temps I would focus on finding a tailwater that is nearby. When temps plummet into the single and negative digits a lot of anchor ice can build up on the freestone rivers. The Frying Pan has a good flow right now and you could catch ’em on dries if you are sick of staring at the bobber. Be careful driving on the Frying Pan Road. All the snow has made the road narrower and the blind corners are deadly. No need to rush. The river will still be there.

Blue River
Blue River

They just bumped up the Blue River below Dillion so that will get some fish moving around.mysis┬áThe crowds are always a gamble on the Blue especially on the weekend. If you choose to go, I’d fish through the outlets, you will probably find some big rainbows eating Mysis Shrimp. The pattern seen here is a Umpqua Fly that I find to be effective. If you stare at it long enough it starts to look really “shrimpy.” Have fun out there and be careful on the snowy roads.

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