Buff: How Do You Wear It?

Buff, what a funny name. I wish I had come up with the concept. buffA piece of fabric you wrap around your neck, face and head. When they first came out they were like cell phones. Everyone had one and they were wearing it. The Buff hatch was going off. Then the fabrics were printed with wild designs on them. Scales, flies, spots, skeletons and more of the like hung around the necks of all anglers. I must say I am guilty of hopping on the Buff bandwagon and I have rocked mine at the bar after fishing.  Here are a few tips for all you Buff lovers out there.

Dunk your Buff in the river on a hot day and wrap it around your neck. This will help you cool off quickly.

Place an extra Buff in a ziplock bag then place it in your cooler. During lunch reach in your cooler and switch out Buffs. This will keep you cool and a bit cleaner.

Keeping The Mosquitos Off In AK With Mr. Buff

Pull your Buff up over the back of you hat on a windy day or when running to the fishing grounds. This will help keep your lucky lid from flying off into the water.

Got an annoying client asking you ridiculous questions? Pull the Buff up over your ears. It will help muffle questions like “how deep is the river here?”

Mosquitos Buzzing? Pull that Buff up and block those annoying, biting, disease carrying critters. If they are real bad spray your Buff with some bug dope. That will keep those biting bugs away until the breeze blows. Especially useful in areas like Alaska.

Got any tips on how to use a Buff? Please comment and let us know.

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