Weekend Update: Colorado’s Roaring Fork Valley


It is that wonderful time of year again; the time of year when Colorado anglers can have some of the state’s best valleys, rivers and stream all to themselves!  As the weather cools in late October, many anglers hang up the fly rod and wading boots for the season.  But savvy anglers know that this is one of the best times of year to be on the water.  This weekend we turn our attention to Colorado’s Roaring Fork Valley, where we plan to fish one of Colorado’s finest freestone streams, the Roaring Fork and tour one of the state’s most selective tail waters, The Fryingpan River.

FIsh on egg pattern
A Frying Pan Rainbow that fell for the egg pattern.

Fishing the Fork and Pan offers Colorado anglers the best of both worlds and a great combo for the weekend.  The Roaring Fork is one of Colorado’s best truly wild rivers with healthy and sustainable populations of brown and rainbow trout.  Float or wade fishing is always good to excellent on this Colorado favorite.  This weekend Colorado anglers should head to the river with a variety of egg patterns in hook sizes 16-18, Midge larva and pupa in hook sizes 20-24.  Charlie Craven’s JuJu Baetis in hook sizes 18-24 is always a go to micro mayfly nymph on both the Fork and Pan.  Stoneflies are always active in the Roaring Fork and are also a great way to weight your nymph rigs.  Our all-time favorite Roaring Fork stonefly is the Twenty Incher Stone in hook sizes 10-16.

Rainbow trout
A Roaring Fork rainbow trout that ate a big juicy egg. For even better results try trailing a midge or micro mayfly behind the egg pattern.

Stripping a streamer on the Roaring Fork might yield one of the biggest browns or rainbows of your life!  It’s hard to go wrong with a streamer box chalked full of our favorite Sculpzilla streamer in white, black and olive and hook sizes 8-14.


For the most up to date stream flows, hatch charts, recommended terminal tackle and flies, stop by our updated daily Colorado Fly Fishing Reports.


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