Featured Fly Tying Corner: Blue Grouse Caddis

It is almost that most wonderful time of year again…bird hunting season.  And for the innovative fly tier the acquisition of wild bird feathers renders a plethora of opportunity for innovation and creativity at the fly tying vise.  In our wonderful state of Colorado, Blue Grouse season opens up September 1st.   The blue grouse is found in plentiful numbers in forests located west of I-25.

Dry fly

These mountain dwelling grouse are a ton of fun to pursue with fine shotguns and pointing or flushing dogs.  Even if you don’t have a dog, hiking through Blue Grouse country is a great way to find the birds and you can also pull of a double feature trip fly fishing Colorado’s high country.  This summer I have been messing around with blue grouse feathers for a variety of fly patterns.  My favorite so far is what I call the Blue Grouse Caddis.  The fly floats well and is a great caddis imitation; I have had some great days this summer chasing the Blue River caddis hatch with this fly.

bird huntin dog


Hook: Dry fly hook #14-20

Body: Olive standard tubing wrapped around hook shank.

Under wing: 2 blue grouse soft hackle feathers tied so that the tips point towards the rear of the hook shank like a caddis wing.

Wing: Bleached Elk hair.

Dubbing: Olive Hare’s Ear.

Hackle: 1 strand of grizzly dry fly hackle, 1 strand of brown dry fly hackle.

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