Colorado’s Best Winter Fisheries

Let me tell you something, I have been swimming in Colorado’s waters since I was just but a little fry and unfortunately not all streams are created equal!  Wintertime is tough going for us trout, chowing down on midges and micro mayflies just isn’t as satisfying as gulping down grasshoppers and green drakes.  But there are still some rivers in the winter that keep my belly full.  Catch me if you can!

  1. The Roaring Fork & Frying Pan – I love this stream in the winter, the Glenwood Valley is usually nice and warm and year round hatches of midges keep me swimming healthy.  Plus, stoneflies are usually always active in the river and a nice change of pace from the microscopic snacks.  I almost always fall for a Twenty Incher or Girdle Bug in hook sizes 10-16…
  2. Deckers & Cheesman Canyon – Deckers is coming back in a big way!  For years after the fire, I could not hide from anglers over the brightly colored sand, but now green and luscious moss helps me hide from crafty anglers and traps a plethora of food for me in an assortment of midges, mayflies, caddis, micro stones and scuds.  A well drifted Pheasant Tail nymph in hook sizes 18-24 fools me most of the time…
  3. Blue River below Dillon – Chowing down on Mysis shrimp keeps me looking fat and colorful!  Maybe it’s not the most scenic stretch of Colorado stream, but you can convince the wife or girlfriend to go shopping while you wet a line!  Mysis shrimp in hook size 18 trailed by a thread midge in hook sizes 20-22 has my lip looking a little ripped up.
  4. The Taylor – Some of my fish buddies in the Taylor below Taylor Park Reservoir are looking like they have been going to Cross Fit!  There are so many Mysis shrimp in this tail water that it is tough to keep my self-control, I seem to over eat every time I visit!  The water is pretty clear though and if I can see you coming or drag in your drift, you can bet that I will turn my nose up at your poorly presented fly!
Colorado winter fly fishing
Bundle up, it’s cold outside! Despite freezing your face off, you might catch the trout of a lifetime…

Tight Lines,

Laurence Fishbone