Winter Midge Fishing

It is almost winter time in colorful Colorado and the fish on our local tail water and freestone streams are turning towards midges as their preferred food source.  In order to fool your fair share of trout this winter season, you must have a fly box filled with these microscopic aquatic insects.  Now is the time to stock your fly box with an assortment of thread midges.

Colorado fly fishing

Thread midges are easy to tie though simple to create, these thread and wire flies are often the best and most realistic imitations of natural midges.

Thread midge

Thread midges are a great way to get into fly tying and require just a few materials to create.  Follow this simple recipe for great on the water results:

Hook: Curved nymph hook such as a TMC 2487 in hook sizes 20-24.

Thread: Black or Red Uni-Thread in size 8/0.

Wire: Gold wire in brassie or small size.

Dubbing: superfine dry fly dubbing in a color to match the fly pattern desired.

Thread midges are a great way to practice your thread work and hone your hand eye coordination skills for fly tying.  Plus, with just a little practice, you can bust out several dozen thread midges in no time.  These simple fly patterns are a great way to teach yourself how to tie flies, or if you would like to accelerate the learning curve, try taking a private fly tying class through our very own Angling University.

Tight Lines,

Lone Wulff McWade