Keepin it Real with Cheeky Fly Fishing

Fly fishing has always been a gear junkie’s sport, but lately the innovations in modern technology infused with the nostalgia and all-natural mystique of artificial flies are turning today’s fly fisherman into a modern predator.

Cheeky fly reel
Reel’s like the Cheeky Mojo are quickly changing the way anglers pursue today’s fish species.

Cheeky Reels have hit the industry by storm with cutting edge designs designed to land fish quickly and efficiently.  The Flyfisher Guide Service has spent an extensive amount of time field testing these reels for the hardcore fly fisherman.  Since 2009, Cheeky has been pioneering the movement for creating reels that cater to anglers dedicated to pushing the very limits of the sport.  It doesn’t matter whether you are fishing for native trout in the heart of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains or ankle deep in the Redfish flats of Louisiana, Cheeky Fly Fishing has a reel designed to meet your needs and help you land the fish of a lifetime.

Bahamas Bonefish
Fast running fish like bonefish demand the best from modern fly fishing technology.

Cheeky fly reels feature the Evo Synthetic Drag System:  The ESDS drag system is proving to be an evolutionary sealed disk drag system, utilizing an innovative PTFE composite that out-preforms its competitors.  The reels also feature stacked stainless steel and composite discs, providing durability, stopping power, adequate heat dissipation and a smooth and controlled inertia startup for handling explosive takes and runs from fish like Permit and Tarpon.  The entire drag package is sealed by aerospace grade rings, ensuring that Cheeky reels will continue to help stop fish even through the toughest and most adverse conditions.

Bahamas Bonefish Guide
Bonefish Mon agrees…

Flyfisher Guide Service Pro-Staff Guide and Cheeky Pro-Staff member, Cody DeGuelle can be found with Cheeky reels on all of his fresh and salt water set ups.  He says, “Cheeky Reels are an amazing combination of strength and durability in a lite-weight compact package.”  With models to stop virtually any kind of game fish dead in its tracks, check out Cheeky Fly Fishing today.

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