Denver South Platte Carp Slam: The Countdown Begins…

The DSP or Denver South Platte has kind of become a big deal in the small world of Colorado fishing tournaments.  Carp fishing isn’t easy and one of the most difficult places to hook one of these most succulent bottom feeders is right through the heart of Downtown Denver.  The competition is most certainly fierce as the slam pairs pro anglers with avid amateur fisherman to compete in teams of two.


This year’s pro lineup includes some big names and a few fly fishing celebrities including Reid Baker, Kirk Deeter, Chris Galvin, Jake McKittrick, Clint Packo, Barry Reynolds and Frank Smethurst to name but a few.  Paired with a team of highly skilled and competitive amateurs including Andy Sutthoff, Doug Long, Steve Hall, Trevor Tanner and Will Rice, the 2013 Denver Carp Slam should be one heck of a fish off!


The competition is good fun but the carp slam is really about fundraising money to help restore Denver’s Downtown South Plattte River.  With the right stream improvements and rehabilitation’s the South Platte through Denver can continue to grow into a river system that allows savvy anglers the chance to catch multiple species of fish close to home.

This year the slam is brought to you by Denver Trout Unlimited on September 7th.  For more information on Denver’s carp slam check out:

Tight Lines,

Downtown Brown…Stay Fishy My Friends…