Tips for Taking Better Fish Pictures!

Colorado fly fishing may be a catch and release sport but most of us like to snap a quick grip and grin to preserve our trophy and maybe even brag a little to our fishing buddies.

Woman holding rainbow trout.

Good fish pictures are an art form but by following just a few of these tips, you will be taking magazine quality fish photos in no time!

Colorado guide with rainbow trout

  1. If you are the photographer, make sure the sun is at your back to avoid putting any unnecessary glare into the shot.
  2. Remove and superfluous items from the shot.  Many a good fish picture has been ruined by a loose fly line or leader dangling in the shot.
  3. Choose a good shot location: pick a spot that has some natural beauty to its surroundings, stream banks, rocks, snowcapped mountains and aspen trees all provide great backgrounds for painting the portrait.
  4. Make sure that the fish is wet and doesn’t have any mud or debris on its skin.  Be sure to wet your hands and make sure the fish spends most of the time in the water during the picture taking process.
  5. Experiment with holding fish at a variety of angles.  Often angling the fish away from the photographer will allow the lens to capture more of the fish and truly show its size and shape.
  6. Take your time and most importantly remember to wet your hands and release all fish quickly and safely.  Revive the fish by placing it in the current and letting water run past its gills in order to get the fish’s oxygen back to stable levels.

Lady holding a trout

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