Simms G4 Pro Jacket

It might be hot outside but the warm temperatures sure aren’t going to last forever in our great state of Colorado.  Plus we have had a fairly wet and rainy summer so if you don’t already have one, it is time to get your hand on a quality rain coat.  We are rounding the corner into September and if you fish through Colorado’s fall and winter you just might find yourself in some extremely cold and inclement weather!   A good wading jacket is most certainly worth its weight in salt and a worthy investment for the fly fishing gear junkie.

Simms G4 wading jacket

Simms has a great line up of wading jackets designed to meet demands of a wide array of uses and to accommodate nearly any budget.  Their highest end jacket the G4 is one nice garment and comes equipped with 3-layer Gore Tex technology.  These jackets are 100 % water proof and they are also extremely comfortable to fish in even when layered with undergarments.  Simply put you’re not getting wet in this jacket!  The short waist design keeps the jacket from getting wet as you wade in the river and the enlarged hood will help keep rain, sleet, snow and hail from drenching your noggin.

The G4 also features dual side pockets and multiple zippers.  For added functionality the jacket utilizes two retractor systems for storing nippers, indicators, hemostats or whatever gadget you might desire.  All Simms wading jackets feature fly storage patches and velcro wrist straps.  Simms wading jackets are without doubt some of the best quality outer layers offered in the industry and with a little TLC and proper storage these jackets can last a life time.

It is just a plain fact for the fly fishing gear junkie, if you like to fish in the off seasons or in rainy weather then you need a good wading jacket.  Invest in a quality model like those offered from Simms and you will be able to stay dry and comfortable for fishing seasons to come.

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