Fly Fishing Gear X-Mass Wish List 2013

I was recently walking around the Bass Pro Shops, because the Bass Pro Shops are awesome!  Hunting, fishing, boats, ATVs, camping supplies and they even have a bar that makes you feel like you are sipping margaritas on a tarpon flat in the Florida Keys!  But anyways, The Bass Pro Shop also looks like the North Pole right now and maybe I should be considering a new line of work, as I am told that the Santa Claus, who may or may not have a criminal record, is getting paid the whopping sum of eighty dollars per hour!  Or maybe I should be offended when I was told that I did not have the plump physique and fantastic facial hair genes that was required to create the ultimate Santa Claus, perhaps it’s just because I’m a fish…

But all this got me thinking about Christmas and here is some of the stuff I want for 2013:

Costa Del Mar Corbina:  This is one sick pair of shades!  With silver or copper lenses and an outrageous assortment of frames, these shades will have you looking like a Permit guide in Honduras or might get you a lead role in Quentin Tarantino’s next film.  MSRP…$169

Costa Del Mar Corbina shades.
Costa Del Mar Corbina shades.

YETI Tundra Cooler.  Something about a cooler is just cool…

Stay cool with Yeti's Tundra Series Coolers!
Stay cool with Yeti’s Tundra Series Coolers!

These coolers are a good investment if you like to keep things cold.  Save money by buying ice once.  Nobody likes a guy with warm beers…MSRP…$300 & up.

Simms G4 Pro Jacket:  Get some of the best technology and protection in this technical outer jacket from Simms.  From Alaska to Argentina, this jacket will continue to perform day in and day out.  MSRP…$480.

Simms G4 Guide Jacket - Stay Dry, your too busy to get sick!
Simms G4 Guide Jacket – Stay Dry, your too busy to get sick!

And despite what the Bass Pro Shops might tell you, we are still a little ways from Old’ St. Nick landing on our roofs with his reindeer.  So stay tuned for more of my Fly Fishing Christmas Wish list 2013!

In the meantime be sure to get out on the water with Colorado Fly Fishing Reports.

Tight Lines,

Lone Wulff McWade