Where the Kokanee Salmon run Wild

Has a whole summer of trout fishing got you feeling perhaps a little complacent and maybe even bored with your fly fishing trips?  Trout fishing can at times feel a little mundane and repetitive.  But fortunately for Colorado Fly Fisherman our beautiful state’s rivers and streams offer anglers a wide array of outside the box angling opportunities…

kokanee salmon

Fall is a great time for two of our favorite non-trout species.  Kokanee Salmon provide anglers with great sport, especially on light weight trout rods like four and five weights.  These landlocked salmon have been introduced to many of our local reservoirs and enter our rivers to spawn in September and October.  The Gunnison River, Blue River and South Platte at Spinney Mountain Ranch are all excellent locations to land your first kokanee.  Fishing for these landlocked trophies will help hone your nymph fishing skills.  Once in a river system the salmon will find the deepest holes in the river and sit on the bottom of the stream.  Lots of weight and heavy flies are needed to get down to the fish.  Our favorite kokanee patterns include Pat’s Rubber Legs (#10-14), Twenty Incher Stoneflies (#12-16), Egg patterns (#14-18) and any bright/flashy Alaska style salmon flies in hook sizes 10-14.

Colorado Grayling

Grayling are a true Colorado trophy and not easy to come by.  We can’t hot spot any Grayling haunts for you, because there just aren’t that many!  But do your homework and put a call into the Colorado Division of Wildlife and you might find yourself throwing dry flies to these beautiful and ornate mountain stream dwellers.

Have a great weekend and tight lines,

Downtown Brown…Stay Fishy my Friends…