Late Season Streamer Fishing Tactics

As we move into late October in Colorado, streamer fishing for aggressive brown trout can be a deadly method for landing some of the biggest fish of the year.  Now is a great time for prospecting our local freestone rivers with a six weight fly rod and a box of streamers.  The fish are aggressive and wade or float fishing with streamer rigs can produce some extremely explosive strikes.  Even when the fish don’t actually hit the fly, just watching a two foot long brown follow your rig can be enough to make your heart sink!

brown trout with fish in mouth

This fall get out on the water with your streamer box and try exploring some of Colorado’s best streamer rivers such as The Arkansas for trophy brown trout.  Keep in mind a few of these tips to increase you success this fall:

  1. Make sure you are using a stout fly rod, like a nine foot six weight with a fighting but to easily and accurately present your flies.
  2. Try carrying an arsenal of different colors on the water such as black, white and olive streamers.
  3. Fishing tandem rigs often yield the best results.  We like to throw a big bunny fly like a Sculpzilla or Double Bunny in hook sizes 8-12, followed by a micro leech pattern like a Wooly Bugger in hook sizes 12-14.  Often time’s fish will get excited and follow the big fly and then in turn end up eating the smaller fly.
  4. Don’t raise your rod to set the hook!  Instead strip set with your line hand and let the line draw tight for more consistent hook ups.
  5. Try working the water downstream.  Start by stripping your flies at the top of a run or riffle, then take a few steps downstream and working the water again.  Be methodical in your streamer fishing efforts.

Good luck, stay persistent and send us a photo of your favorite streamers and big brown trout pictures!

Tight Lines,

Downtown Brown…Stay Fishy my Friends…