Fishpond Red Tail Wader Belt System

MSRP: $79.95

I just received a new wader belt system from Fishpond, the Red Tail Wader Belt System.  This wading belt comes with two drink holders and a two zippered main compartment and multiple “D” rings for hanging various tools and gadgets.  The waist belt itself is wide and sturdy and should provide enough support for those of us so fortunate as to have some lower back issues.


Let’s face it, fly fisherman tend to be gear heads, toting to the river a wide array of the latest gadgets and gizmos.  However, sometimes it is nice to take a minimalist approach to fly fishing.  As famed fly fishing author and South Platte River expert Ed Engle would say, “Put as little between you and the fish as possible.”  Sometimes we forget that fishing really is a simple sport and all one needs to do is outsmart a fish and this can be accomplished without thousands of dollars’ worth of gear.

Fishpond Red Tail Wader Pack

Fishpond’s new wader belt is a great option for the minimalist angler.  The pack certainly does not have enough room to meet the demands of a professional guide but would work great for carrying gear for small stream fishing where all one needs is a handful of dry flies and bead heads.

Also, I think the pack would be great for hiking into back country streams and high mountain lakes and would be a great addition to the back country angler who is looking to lighten the load.  Personally, I think this pack is going to become my “Go-to” pack for fishing for carp in downtown Denver.  Usually when I’m carp fishing I carry just one fly box and few basic tools and I think Fishpond’s new Red Tail Wader Belt System is going to be just the ticket for pursuing the Rocky Mountain Bonefish.

Tight Lines,

Downtown Brown…Stay Fishy my Friends…