Colorado Weekend Update: South Boulder Creek

Colorado Weekend Update: South Boulder Creek

This weekend looks like a great time to be fly fishing in the beautiful Colorado outdoors.  This week our top Colorado fly fishing pick is for anglers to fish South Boulder Creek.   The creek is a great option for those looking to make the most of their time and stay close to home.  South Boulder Creek begins its journey at Rogers Pass on the Continental Divide, just south of the Moffat Tunnel.  The creek then flows 40 miles through Rollinsville to Gross Reservoir, and Eldorado Canyon before leaving the mountains and curving past the south and east sides of Boulder.  After leaving the city, Boulder Creek flows northeast, where it joins St. Vrain Creek and ultimately flows into the Mississippi River and the Gulf of Mexico.

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The upper sections of the creek above Gross Reservoir can best be characterized by technical canyon pocket water, deep slow meandering bends, longer riffles and runs and deep pools.  Due to extensive stream improvements and fish management programs large and trophy sized fish up to ten pounds can be found on both the public and private sections.  Portions of the creek flow through forest lands and there is lots of opportunity to fish private fly fishing preserves for a rod fee.  This is some of the finest fly fishing close to Denver and Boulder, offering the anglers the rare opportunity to hook trophy sized fish close to home.

Below Gross the creek flows into pristine tail water accessed through Walker Ranch Open Space that fishes well even throughout the winter months.  Some of the most impressively colored rainbow trout can be found on this section as well as an abundance of smaller tail water insects like blue winged olives and other small mayflies and midges.  Then the creek continues to flow through Eldorado Canyon State Park, this section of the stream is teaming with wild brown trout just waiting to take attractor dry flies like a Stimulator or an Elk Hair Caddis trailed with a bead head dropper.  Below Eldorado Canyon, the creek meanders through south and east Boulder.

The creek is smaller down here but still offers the angler plenty of public access through Boulder Open Space filled with healthy fish populations.  These sections are easily accessed by trails and paved paths leading to deep pools and many shallow riffle sections.  The trout are generally browns and rainbows of various sizes, with some trophy sized fish caught in both the spring and fall.

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