Wintertime Carping on the Downtown Dirty South Platte

Winter is fast approaching and if traveling up and down I-70 isn’t your cup of tea then there are plenty of winter time fly fishing options close to home.  One of our Colorado favorites during the winter is fishing the South Platte through downtown Denver for carp.  This stretch can get busy during the summer months but most local anglers hang up the fly rods during the late season in exchange for ski boots leaving the Platte to just the local hard cores…

Downtown Denver South Platte Carp

But savvy anglers can have some of the best carp fishing of the year all to themselves.  Much like trout the carp’s metabolism slows down and instead of being spread throughout the river, the fish congregate in the slowest and deepest pools and seams.  Nymph fishing is often the name of the game and winter time on downtown’s South Platte is a great place to practice your dead drifts for the next summer of trout fishing.

For gear make sure you have a good five or six weight and a reel with floating line and a quality drag system.  Good waders are a must as well as sturdy wading boots.  Nine foot leaders and 2x-3x tippet should have you covered in most carp fishing situations.  The fish will still eat streamers like micro Wooly Buggers and crayfish patterns best if tied in hook sizes 6-10.  For nymph fishing head to the dirty South Platte armed with San Juan Worms (#12-16), Rubber Legged Stoneflies (#10-16) and Prince Nymphs in hook sizes 12-16.  A good pair of polarized glasses will help you spot the fish.

Good luck and be sure to send us a photo of your downtown Carp!

Tight Lines,

Downtown Brown…Stay Fishy my Friends…