Help us clean up Clear Creek!

We are truly blessed to have so many incredible streams just outside of beautiful Denver and Boulder, Colorado.  Rivers like Boulder Creek, South Boulder Creek, Clear Creek and Bear Creek are all just a short drive from two of Colorado’s greatest cities.  These creeks all have very healthy and sustainable populations of wild brown trout and also host their fair share of rainbows and brook trout.  Hopping up these creeks with a three weight and a box of buoyant dry flies is a wonderful way to spend the day!  Unfortunately, being so close to the city they also receive their fair share of trash!  We’re talking garbage bags, beer cans and I’ve even seen a mattress in the stream before…

Boulder Creek
Boulder Creek is a treasure of Colorado’s Front Range and it is our duty to take care of the creek.

As conservation minded anglers it is our duty to help clean up the stream as best as we can.  Next time you are on the water be sure to stop and take a few seconds to give back to mother nature and take a few pieces of trash back with you.  No we are not going to stop pollution, waste and garbage but if during every visit anglers take the time to pick up just a few pieces of garbage, it really will make all the difference in the world.

Bear Creek brown trout
A little karma can sometimes go a long way – Bear Creek brown trout.

Despite the beer cans and the occasional tire or mattress, Clear Creek is always a pleasure to fish, so let’s keep it that way.  For the most up to date conditions, hatches, stream flows and top fly patterns check out our Colorado Fly Fishing Reports.

Tight Lines,

Lone Wulff McWade